During gameplay, when MadRaven goes to sleep in a bed or somewhere comfortable, he goes to a place called the Astral Plane (Dream Plane in the upcoming Japanese release.). Here, the player will be presented with one of five types of dreams: a Stationary Sleep State where instead of having a dream, MadRaven just encounters sleep-related images or goes to his personal dream space, a REM Mission, where the player must play a slightly randomized situation that pertains to a memory or thought MadRaven has, a Lucid Dream, where the player enters 1 minute of Sandbox Mode in a random location, and can do anything, including build, play with NPC's or freerun, a Fever Dream, where MadRaven's dream is ravaged by abnormal thoughts; this is sort of a "survival mode" stage; and a Nightmare Mission, where MadRaven must complete a short dungeon, fight a boss from his memories, survive a certain fear, or in many cases, fight Tameron, his split personality, in the form of a shadowy doppelganger.

Successfully completing a mission in the Astral Plane leads to MadRaven waking up feeling wonderful, and in a good mood. It also counts toward EXP and his mentality, expanding room to learn new PSI powers and skills. Being defeated or otherwise in the Astral Plane leads to MadRaven waking up prematurely and only gaining half the EXP he would have gotten.

In addition to gaining EXP in the Astral Plane/Dream Plane, MadRaven can also gain items inside the dream world that will give him slight buffs/debuffs in the real world; this includes items known as "Spirit Gems". These are gems which will give MadRaven special status effects that can't be obtained any other way in the real world.

There are nine different types of Spirit Gems:

Ruby Anger: This decreases the time it takes for your Limit Gauge to fill during a dream. You may also wake up with the Hot-Head debuff.

Sapphire Calmness: This doubles the effectiveness of items that calm you. You may also wake up with the Meditation buff.

Emerald Greed: This makes it more likely to find small or medium items when searching containers or the ground. It is possible to wake up with the Eagle-Eye buff, meaning you will see things more clearer when searching containers.

Turqoise Melancholy: Careful! This one will cause you to be depressed more often. You could also wake up with the Sadness buff.

Topaz Fear: Careful! This one will make it more likely for you to be Afraid or Paranoid. You could also wake up with the Jittery debuff.

Amethyst Requiem: This will make you more likely to feel emotionally stronger. You could also awaken with the Pride buff.

Pearl Silence: This temporarily disables some of your powers.

Garnet Focus: Focus is doubled for the rest of the day.

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