The Dot is a meme started by MadRaven a long time ago when he first stayed at the behavioral hospital in New Hanover, formerly the Oaks. It is a marker of someone's final day staying at the behavioral center.

In the middle of the living den, or usually in the back of the den, there is a whiteboard that shows the daily amends of that unit. The whiteboard contains a schedule of today's events, the date, all patients staying in that unit, which nurse they're assigned, what doctor they're assigned and what psychiatrist/social worker is assigned to them. On the final day of their stay, a patient will have a blue dot next to their name, signifying that they are going home.

The reason for The Dot's critical acclaim is not entirely obvious, but many signs of its praise are present; many people who end up staying at the BHH often look greatly forward to leaving, so they watch the whiteboard closely for The Dot because it is the main sign of their discharge from the hospital; waiting for their doctor is often randomized and time consuming. Since then, The Dot has been planned as a joke character for MadRaven's Boo Comics series.

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