Spirited Away: A Manga of Boos and Appparitions (Japanese: 崇高な精神:死ぬことなく体を離れる lit. "Noble Spirits: To Leave The Body Without Dying") is the semi-unofficial name for the series of Boo Comics that Matsuo Kazuma (MadRaven) started and created a long time ago. He's been creating more characters for the series and plenty of comic strips and short mangas ever since the very first Boo comic he drew, a crayon sketching of a panicking King Boo from Mario Kart DS holding his crown in fear while shouting "Help! Some Autistic kid drew me the wrong way!" as other smaller Boos witness the event and confusedly ask him what's wrong, several others more confused asking how they even got there; this was more or less an inside joke to Kazuma's ability to draw at all, since he feared the end result of his drawing would turn out poorly, however it turned out quite well.

Brief History Of Kazuma's First Comics & Ability to Draw Edit

The exact time that Kazuma actually started drawing Boo Comics (or at all for that matter) is slightly unknown, though upon being asked he recalls having been living in a hotel for a small time due to a roach invasion in his house, requiring three exterminators to set pesticide bombs throughout not only all rooms of the house but the inside of the foundation as well, to maximize the possibility of the roaches being killed. It was almost a month before the house was safe to return to again (the pesticides were still on the walls and breathing them would be toxic)

As mentioned above, the very first one he drew was of a panicking King Boo attempting to take off his crown which was poorly drawn, the joke being the way it was drawn made it molded to his head. There are no panels to the "comic" (he simply used the term "comic" for the format of the drawings in general), however the Boos do talk; the King Boo himself yells "Help! Some Autistic kid drew me the wrong way!" while other smaller Boos spectate the event confusedly. As an inside joke to Kazuma's then-current drawing skills, some of the more small Boos in the comic said things such as "Hey, why am I made of crayon wax?", another says "Ah! What happened to my tail?! It's too small!" The first Boo Comic also debuted the appearance of his own Boo fan character, Suchi (an intentional misspelling/mispronunciation of "Sushi"), a Boo who enjoys snacking and eating food above all else, despite never gaining any weight; in every later comic he appears in, he's almost always seen nibbling on either a nigiri rice ball, a ball of Takoyaki, a berry of some sort or some kind of snack, almost never talking in general; there are comics where Suchi talks, including one that was made shortly after Halloween 2016 where Suchi is holding a rice ball and claiming to another Civilian Boo (an unnamed Boo who doesn't apply to the non-plot except for to apply to the comic series' universe itself) that he thoroughly enjoyed Halloween despite no previous comics depicting him or any Boo attending anything Halloween-related, and the Boo talking to him reminds him he still has a rice ball. Suchi confides this fact, the two say nothing for a minute, and then Suchi frantically drops the rice ball he's holding yelling "I don't have a problem...!" This was meant to jokingly apply that Suchi is apparently addicted to food despite not gaining any negative effects from eating so much.

Kazuma's second Boo Comic had a setting suggested by his sister Sophia, only 5 years old at the time: this time, a "Queen Boo" character was drawn by Kazuma, basically establishing a Japanese-Video game style "female counterpart" character trope (the trope seen in different classic video games from Japan in which the game's story involves a titular character having a female character who resembles them exactly and is related to them as their sister, love interest or best friend in many cases). This Queen Boo character's titular appearance had her happily and affectionally beckoning to other smaller Boos including the King Boo from his first comic, friendly saying "C'mere, I won't spook ya! ~" with a heart icon emitting from her wink. Several other Citizen Boos are captivated and infatuated by this (displayed by most having the classic "heart-eyes" anime reaction, many of them blushing but turning away nervously), including King Boo, who doesn't react explicitly but was seen in the corner of the paper looking towards Queen Boo, blushing and thinking intently, possibly implying that he was contemplating dating her.

Queen Boo has not recently appeared in later comics since then except for one after her previous appearance, in which with no dialogue a Citizen Boo presents a "what-if" scenario in a thought bubble to King Boo, where Queen Boo is left crying as King Boo storms off. Nothing else was told about the setting of this comic or the reason for it; Kazuma's mother who viewed the previous two comics and this one, amazed by Kazuma's ability to draw so well, theorized, after Kazuma presented the plot of the comics to her, that King Boo had a crush on Queen Boo, but the Citizen Boo was magnifying the end result of his possible relationship with her, attempting to predict a possible downfall that would end their relationship prematurely.

According to Kazuma's official fanmade lore for those comics in particular (which were under the "beta" name "The King Boo And I", referencing a shakespeare theater play titled "The King And I") states that King Boo does in fact have a crush on Queen Boo and has acted upon this telling her how he feels, and that she has accepted his feelings and possibly accepted a relationship between her and King Boo; however, no recent comics depict this as of yet, though Kazuma has said he plans to continue their story in more comics, adding to their character backgrounds.

Unofficial Story of Spirited Away/Noble Spirits Edit

Kazuma typically started making his series of Boo Comics, titled "Spirited Away" in the English versions, for the sub-main reason of practicing the invoking of his creativity skills, what he learned from his school's Language Arts class (dialogue and writing of the story) and Art class in general (depiction of characters and their habits) and his best friend's (ravenclaw) lessons in the hobby of worldbuilding, the artistic hobby of creating one's own universe where their own rules and laws apply, albeit without any physical manifestation, a metaphysical depiction in the form of art and drawings.

The unofficial plot for Spirited Away (Noble Spirits in Japanese, as he hopes to practice writing Hiragana dialogue in the hobby of learning Japanese) follows an alternate timeline of his own life while still following part of the story of his own and goes as follows:

Six years before Kazuma returned to his hometown to live with his immediate family, thirteen crystals fell from the clouds of a fierce tropical storm during its run-through of his town: ten of them fell into the center of a forest outside his hometown, and the other three somehow scattered themselves elsewhere across different areas near the state where he lived. Upon landing, they sank into the soil of the earth and rested for two weeks before resonating energy, rising onto the ground's surface and all bursting into soul flames of different colors at the same time, which were to represent thirteen different elemental powers: Red as Fire, Blue as Water, Cyan as Ice, Brown as Earth, White as Wind & Air, Green as Nature, Orange as Art of Fighting, Indigo as Darkness & Shadow, Gold as Light & Benevolence, Dark Grey for Technology, Purple as Poison & Sickness, Yellow as Lightning & Electricity, and Clear for Normality. For four days, they floated among the air of the earth, but they were all headed towards the same location: the center of the forest, where a few were already located. They stayed there until the next morning, where in a fierce burst of psionic energy that caused wind to blow in all directions, the soul flames became the Thirteen Boos Of Nature, who all likewise represented the elemental powers their soul flames did. They all named themselves:

The Boo representing Fire named himself "Spire".

The Boo representing Water named herself "Aquarius".

The Boo representing Ice named herself "Crystala".

The Boo representing Earth named himself "Geo".

The Boo representing Wind and Air named herself "Spriggan".

The Boo representing Nature named herself "Granderia".

The Boo representing the art of Fighting named himself "Kenshiro". He is the only one of the Thirteen that can solidify and transform into a human figure to use powers of hand-to-hand combat and to teach any students he may receive.

The Boo representing Darkness and Shadow named himself "Qual-D'eon". He and Naomi are friends and rivals.

The Boo representing Light and Benevelonce named herself "Naomi". She and Qual-D'eon are friends and rivals. She has the ability to solidify and transform into an angel-like figure.

The Boo representing Technology named himself "Cog". He has a very humorous attitude.

The Boo representing Poison and Sickness named himself "Squelch."

The Boo representing Lightning and Electricity named himself "Tesla". He's REALLY hyper.

The Boo representing Normality named himself "Raos".

The thirteen boos were content with their presence with each other and existence, but there was a slight problem; they needed a place to congregate and manage their purposes. Together, they all spent the next month developing powers they'd use for combat, defense and the benefits of the world around them.

Upon the arrival of the next month, they had developed their powers fully, and combined them all into a pool of energy that manifested a large building from the ground that resembled the form of a castle and a large tower combined. They called this place "The Infinite Chapel" and made it their home.


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