SoTH Anime Edit

Along with development of the game, MadRaven/PsychicGamer has also decided to look into using anime cutscenes within the game to tell parts of the story, as well as a full fledged anime series that can be viewed on the internet, once animation skills are learned. Scenes from the anime will be unlockable in the game, and the player will also be able to download special DLC that contains a manga comic generator program.

Upcoming Episodes in the Anime Edit

Season 1

EP 1: A New Beginning - Tyler returns home after three years away from his mother.

EP 2: Sack it To Me - Tyler and Sophia discover the world of LittleBigPlanet 2.

EP 3: Catch of the Day - Tyler goes on his first fishing trip with Charles.

EP 4: They're Taking The Kobolds To Azeroth! - When Charles grants Tyler access to his computer, Tyler decides to explore the virtual world of Azeroth, seen in World of Warcraft.

EP 5: Dungeons & Blackguards - Tyler is stuck running difficult dungeons on Charles' WoW characters for rewards.

EP 6: Mad Company: Tyler's presence in the family's house starts to become vexing to Charles.


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