Shadow of the Heart is an upcoming action RPG by YouTube user MadRaven, AKA Tommy Gardner, SlaughterCow, SiriousMental, and PsychicGamer. It ffeatures MadRaven himself as he journeys throughout his life working to retrieve his sister from his cousin, often traveling from time to time to escape threats from high school classmates. Besides the main story, there is a secondary story that the player can unlock in the middle part of the game called "The Shadow Story" which chronicles MadRaven's struggle with shadowy creatures called "The Mindless" (similar to Kingdom Hearts' Heartless creatures), which feed off the negativity of others' minds.

Shadow of the Heart is unique for one particular feature; a real life identity is used to portray the main character of the game's story.

Besides game development, MadRaven has also taken up drawing. His recent v collection of Boo Comics are used as a "picture diary" to chronicle the events of his life through the many endeavors he and his family face.

Plot: The Main Story Edit

During Christmastime 2009, a boy named Tyler travels with his mother, sister and uncle back from Alabama to Gaston County, located in Dallas. The plan is to have the kids stay with the uncle and aunt until conditions to stay with Tyler's mother are met. However, because their house is so small, Tyler's sister Hailey cannot stay at the same time he is staying, so she is sent to live with his cousin. His mother then proceeds to leave for Wilmington to resume her life.

Three years go by and throughout that time Tyler is trapped in a world of chores, bullying at school, arguments with his guardians, and at one point he is forced to write corporals (writing the same sentence on paper a certain number of times) about lying at school, as well as other things such as being forced to read books and novels, writing essays on them for no particular point or profit, in which failure to do so correctly yielded restarting the entire process. Eventually, Tyler conducts research on the fundamentals of Psionics and discovers that he is psychic. With this knowledge, he trains himself in the creation of energy balls (PSI-balls) that can do almost anything, including changing room temperature, influence a creature's thought, and so much more.

After a fight breaks out at school between Cory and Tyler, he is set up in a social trap, with the teachers and his uncle being told that he was the one who spit in Cory's face and punched him in the forehead, while the actual story is the other way around. Nonetheless he is convicted at school and sent home for thirty days, where all of his possessions in his room are confiscated and he is once again barred to a life of chores, only this time he is doing work outside in hundred-degree heat. Not only that but he is given more things to do on top of the chores he already has.

One night in his room, while everyone thinks he is asleep, he decides that three years is long enough to be away from his mother, and that he's had enough of his life of chores. He secretly texts his mother at midnight and three days later he is packed up and ready to go. He travels home with his mother to a new life without hard labor and the freedom to live as he pleases. Now all he needs to do is team up with his stepfather and his mother and retrieve his sister Hailey, which may take longer than needed...

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