Clearwater is the Boo character adaptation of YouTube user UltraHypnosis, known for his many different hypnovideos for all different purposes, including practical jokes, stress relief and more clinically, cures for insomnia and sleep aid.


Clearwater has a typical Boo appearance, having a formally calm expression on his face by default, with a star on his tail and three more stars on his forehead, along with two streams of aurora protruding from his eyes into semi-spirals. He has also been drawn as a Kirby character, with almost the same appearance, the only difference being that as a Kirby he has a feline tail with a slightly larger tuft of fur at the end, presumably to aid in helping his subjects relax by "petting" them with it.


As Clearwater has both a friendly, welcoming appearance and manner of speaking, one would assume this is used to lull someone into a false sense of security, when in reality it is for legitimate intents and purposes. Clearwater frequently asks his subjects to trust him during his spells, and many people who have commented on his hypnovideos have reacted very positively to the end results.

He is very laid back, friendly and has a constant desire to help people with their unconscious problems. One of his most notable traits is the use of a trigger sound to put a spell into motion, namely a finger snap or a loud clap.


- The blue-and-purple spiral seen in almost all of his spells was originally only supposed to be an optical illusion; the blue part was supposed to spin clockwise and the purple part was supposed to spin counter-clockwise.

- The "shushing" sound he makes in most of his sleeping spells has very good reason for its timing: during a state of trance or hypnosis, a subject's unconscious mind is brought front and center to the brain, resulting in an almost "puppet" like effect. Since the shush is intended for sleeping spells, when the brain is stimulated far enough, the sound of the shush causes one's brainwaves to straighten out and become increasingly steady, sending sleep messages to the brain.

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