Boo Comics are a series of images drawn by MadRaven which portray him and his family, pets and friends as they progress through the endeavors of their lives. They were created by him when he discoveredthat the Boo from Mario kart DS was particularly simple to draw. The first Boo Comic was of King Boo, purposefully drawn incorrectly with a speech bubble saying "Help! Some autistic kid drew me wrong!" as a joke to MadRaven's low skill level with drawing in general.

As of July 2016, the official name for the series of Boo comics is "Spirited Away", the name being a portmanteau of the term "Spirit away" which means "to take unwillingly to an unknown location".

The cast of the Boo Comics series are as follows:

Taira: MadRaven's persona. He is depicted with a Japanese "a"symbol on his tail, with a tuft of hair on his forehead. He likes to sleep in, and spends almost all of his time doing something entertaining to himself, mostly.

Sophie: StarfyGrace's persona. She is drawn with a triangular bow, a sunflower on her tail, and occasionally chibi blushes. She loves animals and is very energetic, but if she's tired it's best to let her sleep. She is a huge Minecraft fan.

Madboo: Maddog's persona. He is drawn with a back comb hairstyle, a sword on his tail and Sharp teeth. He's a gamer and is almost always seen with a snack at his side, but boasts a hardy physical condition. Don't challenge him ever!

Dawnie: Dawn's persona. She's quite fragile but still possesses a strong, defensive side. She is drawn with a flower on her head, a Sun on her tail and occasionally glasses. She keeps to herself and means well but it's hard to get on her bad side. It takes her a minute to start the day but when she does she makes every bit count.

Butter-Boo: Butters' persona. Butters is one of two kittens StarfyGrace got for her birthday. He's pretty rowdy, chasing after his brother Charlie and playfighting with him a lot. He's extremely fond of Dawnie.

Charlie-Boo: Charlie's persona. Charlie is Butters' little brother, often shy and keeping to himself. He likes bologna.

Suchi: An original Boo designed by MadRaven. He is characterized with no special characteristics, looking like a typical Boo, except for having a "cat face" and nibbling on a rice ball, Takenoko (a japanese candy) or some other snack. He has a rice ball on his tail. "Suchi" is an intentional misspelling of "Sushi".

Elemental Boos

There are 12 different Elemental Boos who make up the Order Of The Soul, an unseen, almost oblivious organization dedicated to tying themselves in with the moods of other Boos. While they have their own set of powers, they choose to almost never use them despite their will to fight. The main reason is unknown.

Flamer: A hot-headed (quite literally), short-tempered Boo who has flaming hair and a flame on his tail. While he appears angry all the time, he is not; it is simply a matter of high energy. He has a bad habit of burning things by accident.

Hydro: A female fish-like Boo that can manipulate water and control the minds of mammals. She is the only one at the Order who can take a solid form of a fish-like appearance in order to have the ability to swim.

Frostie: An icy Boo who is calm in nature and whose powers consist of ice manipulation, temperature lowering and turning into ice. He and Flamer are rivals.

While the Boo Comics series does not have its own story or plot, many situations depicted in Boo comics display a wide variety of sketch material, such as a short argument or conflict, a misunderstanding or something random.

Besides Boo, MadRaven has been able to draw other characters such as Kirby, and customized versions of Vinesauce material, such as "Quario" (a fake Mario drawn by Joel on his Mario Paint video), Loojie (an overweight version of Luigi making an Italian chef gesture) and Mary-O (an overweight Mario).

Kirby is also among the set of custom skin-swap-based characters created by Mad who share their own set of humor.

Maneki-Nyan: His name is a portmanteau of the name for the Japanese religious figurine, the Maneki-Neko, whose name literally means "Beckoning Cat" and are often mechanical in that the paw that is raised up tends to "beckon" to people by pivoting up and down. He is a permanent copy ability of a cat version of Animal Kirby.

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